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Hello! My name is Kimberly! I am married to my husband David of almost three years, I have one daughter, Ashley, and one Granddaughter, Kairi. I was born and raised in Kansas. I lived in Missouri, Texas, and Utah for a while, but ended up back in Kansas. I graduated High School in 1991. In March of 2018 I graduated from Ashford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science. I just completed a few courses and I am now a Certified Life Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, and Certified Motivational Speaker.

Some things that I enjoy: Spending time with my family, cooking, housework and decorating, scrap booking, photography, hosting holiday parties, watching football, researching, dining out, and writing.

In August 2019 I took an In Confidence class. I signed up for this class because I was wanting to work on myself and my confidence. I spent many years with a low self-esteem and felt that I wasn’t good enough. I went on to take the class again and decided to make it part of my life. It has helped me so much. I learned a lot about myself while taking this class and has helped me gain so much confidence in myself. I completed assignments and challenges that has given me the courage and strength that I was thriving for.

I would love so much to be able to help and give guidance to others just like someone helped me. It truly is the best feeling ever!

A constant reminder to myself:

I am good enough today, but will be even better tomorrow

Kimberly Gilbert

I am happy not to be perfect because then I wouldn’t have anything else to learn about myself

Kimberly Gilbert

If you think you can’t do it, then you can’t. Know that you can do it, and you will

Kimberly Gilbert

This pretty much says it all.