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Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Certified Lifestyle Expert, Certified Motivational Speaker. Confidence Coach.

Kimberly’s Quote

“I am good enough today, but will be even better tomorrow”.

~Kimberly Gilbert

Kimberly’s Quote

“I am happy not to be perfect because then I wouldn’t have anything else to learn about myself”.

~Kimberly Gilbert

Kimberly’s Quote

“If you think you can’t do it, then you can’t. Know that you can do it, and you will”.

~Kimberly Gilbert

“The best book you will ever read, is the one you write about yourself” ~Kimberly Gilbert~
Having confidence in yourself is a beautiful thing. With confidence, we can achieve so much in life.
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Hello! My name is Kimberly Gilbert. I am a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Certified Motivational Speaker and Certified Lifestyle Expert. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science.

I am not a counselor, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. I do not treat or cure. I give guidance and advice, and help others gain the confidence they desire.

As a coach, I  work with both singles and couples. I help clients identify and reach their goals. I also work with couples on communication skills and conflict resolution strategies

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This is so true. My job is to help others with their confidence, goals, feeling good about themselves, and so much more. Working with my clients is also rewarding for me. It makes me feel so good knowing that I am making a difference. When my clients tell me that they are learning so much from me, and how their lives are changing, it makes me feel so blessed. Did you know that you can make a difference just by smiling or saying hello to someone? Did you know that you can make a difference just by sending a message to someone to let them know you are thinking of them? There are many things that you can do to make a difference. Try it. The feeling is simply amazing!
“The best book you will ever read, is the one you write about yourself” ~Kimberly Gilbert~

Taking the time to write has been a great comfort to me. My journal is my private therapy. Feeling good? Write it down. Feeling bad? Write it down. Feeling happy? Write it down. Feeling sad? Write it down. Just write it down!

Do you have goals set? Have you went out and reached your goals? If not, what are you waiting for? Be a Goal Getter. Start working on your goals.

How important is it to put yourself before others? How important is it to put others before yourself? I have asked myself both of these questions many times. I have always put the needs of others first. I pushed my needs aside in order to help family and friends. At times I even put needs first to those that I didn’t know.

It wasn’t until not long ago when I realized that I have been doing it wrong all these years. I went without, I was left out, I lost my apartment, I quit my job, and sacrificed so much because there were other people who needed, or I guess it is safe to say, demanded, my help. I missed out on so much because I put their needs and wants before I took care of myself.

I will not say that I wish things were different because I wouldn’t be where I am today and probably wouldn’t be married to my best friend if things would have been different. I do however, wish that things would have been different from the start many years ago when I couldn’t stand up to others and tell them that they would have to wait until I did what I needed to do.

Am I selfish to feel that way? No, I am not. We should not feel a bit selfish for putting ourselves first. I feel that I have to take care of myself and my needs, and get my things done first. I can always make room to care for others, but I must take care of myself first.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on putting yourself first? What are your thoughts on what I just talked about? I would love to hear yours.


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