Making Changes For ME

I have been working on some major new life changes over the last couple of weeks. This is actually something that I have thought about for a very long time now, but after thinking and weighing out the pros and cons, the pros won, and I am going for it!

I have often heard over the years that I haven’t and most likely won’t amount to anything. Although I finished school and then went on to graduate from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science, I still heard the words “you are not successful”, and “you need a real job”. No matter what I have done in life, it was never good enough for other people. I tried so hard to please everyone else. I took care of everyone else and put their needs and wants before my own. I gave, and went without. I allowed people to walk all over me and take advantage of me for years. I felt so used, because I was being used. So, with that being said, this next chapter of my life, is MY LIFE. I am working for ME. I am living for ME. I am thriving for ME.

I am thankful for the fan base and supporters that I do have in my corner. There are only a few, but a few I will take. I am excited about showing everyone that I can and will succeed, but most of all, I am excited about showing myself what I can do, and what I will do. My journey, the next chapter, is very soon to come.

Most of all, if there are others out there who are struggling with the same thing, feeling down because people bring you down, hurting because no one believes in you, or you don’t believe in yourself, please listen to me when I say that you can do it! I didn’t used to believe in myself, but I am so strong about it now. I do believe in myself, and I know that I will go far in life if I set my mind to do it.

Published by kimberlysblog1972

Hello! My name is Kimberly! I am married to my husband David of almost three years, I have one daughter, Ashley, and one Granddaughter, Kairi. I was born and raised in Kansas. I lived in Missouri, Texas, and Utah for a while, but ended up back in Kansas. I graduated High School in 1991. In March of 2018 I graduated from Ashford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science. I am also a Certified Life Coach a Certified Relationship Coach, Certified Lifestyle Expert, and a Certified Motivational Speaker. Some things that I enjoy: Spending time with my family, cooking, housework and decorating, scrap booking, photography, hosting holiday parties, watching football, researching, dining out, and writing.

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